Employment Policy

  • Child Labor: Children are strictly prohibited to be employee.
  • Equal treatment / No. Discrimination: All employees have equal access to jobs.
  • Compensation: Wages paid as per legally mandated minimum rates.
  • Working Hours: Working hours followed with the prevailing laws.
  • Leave: Employees are entitled as per legally mandated leave.
  • No Harassment or Abuse: Work environment free of harassment or abuse.
  • Voluntary Employment: Forced labor, involuntary prison labor is not allowed.
  • All workers are oriented before going to the workstation.

Workplace Environment of Factory:

  • Floors are designed and allocation as per international compliance standard.
  • Equipment and machineries are allocated with complaint.
  • Space for employee is maintained as per standard in the floor.
  • Work stations are properly ventilated.
  • Floors are maintained neat and clean.
  • Separate store for fabrics & accessories.
  • All goods in the stores are properly labeled. Bin Cards available.

Health & Safety:

Safe Environment
  • Assure safe and hygienic working environment.
  • Appropriate and adequate personal safety equipment and clothing are provided.
  • Employees are provided potable drinking water, hygiene toilets & washing facilities.
  • All electric appliances are maintained by qualified engineers and electricians.
  • Noise and lights are maintained as per standard.
  •  Only trained designated persons are handled chemicals and heavy materials.
  • Available safety instructions and MSDS are provided near to the work station.
  •  Awareness programs are conducted with employee periodically to aware H & S.
  • Sufficient First-Aid boxes center is providing with full time doctor and nurses.

Fire Safety:

  • Sufficient Fire extinguishers and others equipment are installed.
  • Have an own pond besides (approx-20 feet) the factory building for available water.
  • Workers are trained and wear identification badge.
  • Aisles, exits and stairs are maintained free of obstructed and marked permanently by using color.
  • Electric fire alarm system in place.
  • Smoke detector public addressed (PA) system and Emergency lights are installed.
  • Every floor has separate evacuation plan.
  • All employees are insured by group insurance policy.


Security of Mahadi Fashion
  • Company has won trained sufficient security guards for full factory.
  •  A written security policy has been established as per requirement of C-TPAT.
  • All premises are secured by the close circuit TV Camera (CCTV Camera).
  • Appropriate measures talks, such as secure premises to prevent entry.
  • Restricted access to the production facilities by non-employee authorized ID- Cards and escorting of visitors while in the facility etc.

Workers Welfare:

  • Workers welfare committee formed in the factory. Welfare officers communicated with the committee.
  • Committee meeting held in every month.
  • Separate dining room for male & female.
  • Separate pray / religious room.
  • Children room having trained babysitter.

Environmental Protection:

  • Factory is complained with national environmental legislation.
  • A written policy has been introduced to manage and dispose the wastage.